By using the same manufacturing and design philosophy and techniques for bollards as for flagpoles, Federation Flagpoles is able tomanufacture bollards that look good, can be distinctive without exorbitant tooling costs, and offer significant cost savings both at the initial acquisition stage and throughout the life of the product.

Federation Flagpoles makes no claims to manufacturing energy absorbing bollards, but by varying the depth, size and weight of the spigot it is possible to offer varying degrees of protection against vehicle impact.

At the heart of the design is a piece of common galvanised steel water pipe. Available virtually anywhere in different thicknesses, it is simple, cheap, strong, plentiful and delightfully low tech.

The steel spigot can be installed early in the project without fear of workers or their equipment damaging the product as the project takes shape. 

The decorative aluminium shell is the innovative part of the design. Fitted over the steel spigot at the completion of the installation using a PVC pipe as a bush, the aluminium offers superior finishing properties and options to cast iron, cast aluminium or steel products. The shell is easily removable for touch ups to damaged surface finishes, or replacement with the same or superseded designs without having to dig up footpaths to get to the footings.

Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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