Flag Design

Design Hints:

Flags have been popular as an outdoor, visual communications medium for millennia. Eye-catching colour and movement are the factors that have made flags one of the most effective mediums for outdoor promotions.

Rototop, Portrait Style Flag

Regrettably the same features limit the effectiveness of a flag’s design.  Simple, bold messages and logos are best.  Instantly recognisable brands and logos such as

Coca-Cola and Mercedes work best, as does simple bold text like OPEN and SALE, because they can be instantly recognised, even when flapping in the breeze.  If your flag design is too complex it will be expensive to produce and be unfit for use because it will be unrecognisable.  Remember too, that flags are usually single sided because double sided flags are too heavy to fly. Any image is reversed on the back, so text is written as a mirror image, other wise it can’t be read with the sun behind it.

Portrait, or vertical format flags work better than horizontal or landscape format flags because the movement of the flag is less violent; they also last slightly longer for the same reason.

The secret to a successful flag design is to keep it simple.

Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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