Get Ready for the Game with Federation Flags & Flagpoles’ Football Goal Posts

Preparing grounds for a game of football ideally shouldn't be too difficult. From making sure that the grass is cut to a suitable length to marking the field in the appropriate way, all of the preparations are relatively basic. However, have you ever struggled with unruly and ill-fitting football goal posts? Dealing with posts which are almost impossible to erect in a plumb fashion is frustrating for groundsmen and football players alike. Why spend time working with wedges and shims to make them sit right when you could instead opt for new and durable football goal posts from Federation Flags & Flagpoles?

Over our years of experience, we've learned what it takes to deliver a quality product, and that's why we make our football goal posts from a durable aluminium construction which is lightweight enough only to require two people for placement. Inside, steel reinforcements prevent impact damage when players hit the posts hard. Pre-poured concrete ground sleeves, plus the highly accurate production process, ensures goal posts which are straight and plumb every time you place them. Crossbars are available to make the posts suitable for football use, and you won't even need to call for help to put it up — one person can do it alone!

With no need to worry about rotting wood or rusting metal, Federation Flags & Flagpoles' goal posts are the clear choice for your local league. Get the field ready in no time flat with our products on your side. Contact us now to learn about how to place an order for shipment.

Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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