Do You Know About Indoor Flag Poles?

It's great to let the flag swing high in the air when you have it hoisted outdoors, but sometimes you want to show your patriotic spirit inside as well. That's where indoor flag poles come into play. Federation Flags & Flagpoles has a great many for sale and want to ensure that you know all about this outstanding way to fly the flag.

What's the big deal with these things? First off, they're made of cast iron, which provides a heavy base that isn't likely to topple over. Other indoor stands are made of lesser quality plastic, just a quick gust from someone walking by too fast, and they might come tumbling down. As a bonus, the cast iron finish is powder coated, providing an aesthetically pleasing look that can be customised based on your preferred colour.

The floor stand is capable of accepting a single, double, or triple flag display. You can add three different flags, your favourite flag flanked by two other flags, or three flags of the same type if you so choose. They all look great against the contrasting satin-black poles. Standard flag sizes work best, and these stands serve as an excellent option for office buildings, foyers, and hallways.

By choosing Federation Flags & Flagpoles for your indoor flag poles, you'll get the benefits of quality, experience, and unparalleled customer support. Why not give us a call today on 61 8 8346 5655 to learn more about the amazing benefits indoor flag poles and floor stands offer!

Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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