Soccer Goals


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Federation Flagpoles Semi-Permanent Soccer Goals feature cast aluminium corners that can accept a net support tube and extra long sockets to provide strength and rigidity.  The 110mm dia exclusive extrusion is round for good looks and safety, with internal stiffening webs for rigidity.  The low profile net clips twist into the extruded track and when used in pairs make the net secure without offering a hazard to players or clothing.  A strong, galvanised steel insert in the uprights connects the goals to the ground sleeves and is tough enough to withstand all but the most determined and best equiped park vandals.

Australian designed.  Australian made.  Australian materials.  What could be better for Australian Soccer?

  • For use in pitches where the goals will remain in place for some time, or permanently. The ground sleeve and corner socket systems mean two men with a screwdriver and short step ladder can disassemble the goals for storage, quickly and easily.
Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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