Choose Federation Flags & Flagpoles for Quick and Easy to Erect AFL Goal Posts

The excitement and camaraderie that characterise a match of Australian rules football are just two of the things that make the sport such an excellent pastime. A lot of preparation goes into getting ready for each game, though, and it's not just about the players putting in long hours of practice. The field needs to be prepared for the players, too. Leaving everything set up year round isn't practical; instead, pulling down the goal posts at the end of the season for storage is a common practice. If you are looking for new AFL goal posts to spruce things up for next season, look no further than Federation Flags & Flagpoles.

Our AFL goal posts, designed to fit snugly into existing concrete ground sleeves, are the ultimate in convenience for those who want reliable and easy to use posts. First, this product is made from high quality aluminium to strict tolerances for straightness. The tapered posts are corrosion resistant and will maintain their distinctive looks season after season.

You won't need a whole crew of groundskeepers to put these AFL goal posts up, either. Two individuals working together can put up the posts without much hassle at all. Crossbar arms require no heavy lifting equipment and can be placed by hand by just one person. At the end of the season, removing them for storage is just as easy.

We aim to deliver superior and reliable products to our customers every time. That's why Federation Flags & Flagpoles has been a trusted name since 1982. For more information about ordering this product, please visit our "Ordering" page now.

Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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