Goals/Goal Posts

Tapered aluminium goalposts by Federation Flagpoles are the best available.

Tapered aluminium posts are lightweight, straight, easily handled, player friendly and strong. They won’t rot, rust, warp, set, splinter, or need repainting every year. Two men can easily erect a 9m post by hand, without having to use vehicles to cart them, or cranes to lift them.

The posts are inserted into ground sleeves that are permanently set in concrete below the playing surface. Erecting the posts is simply a matter of clearing away the topsoil, removing the off-season cap and dropping the posts into the ground sleeves. Wedges and shims are not necessary. The poles go in the ground plumb, first time, every time.

Additional ground sleeves allow for the spreading of goal square wear and multi use of the posts for AFL, rugby league and union with the addition of a simple cross arm. The cross arm can be fitted by one person without the use of cranes or lifting devices in just a few minutes.

The round cross section of the poles minimises the potential for injury to players, and localised steel reinforcing protects the posts from damage by hefty forwards and vandals.

Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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