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Every home or business looks better with a beautiful and colourful flag flying proudly above it. Whether you would like to fly the Australian flag, a state flag, a business banner, or your favourite football club’s flag, Federation Flags & Flagpoles can help you make it happen. For 32 years, we have been manufacturing and shipping high quality flag poles to Perth that are easy for homeowners to install themselves. Priced affordably, our custom-made poles add just the right touch of grace.

Flag poles can be made from a variety of materials, but they are most often constructed from timber, steel, or aluminium. Federation Flags & Flagpoles manufactures flag poles out of high-grade aluminium. We use the latest in machining technology and heat treat all of our poles in-house. We control the entire manufacturing process which allows us to guarantee the quality of our products. When you buy and ship flag poles to Perth from Federation Flags & Flagpoles, you are receiving a product that meets or exceeds all Australian standards, looks great on your property, and will be easy to install and move.

Only aluminium offers the kind of strength that can stand up to the most violent of winds. Unlike steel poles, these products will not pit, discolour, or rust and aluminium even stand up to the extreme heat that many homeowners face in Australia. Our flag poles for Perth homes are available in a variety of finishes. Homeowners can choose from white powder coat, clear anodised, and mill finishes. Other finishes can be requested too to suit your tastes and your home or business’s aesthetic. For a high quality aluminium flag pole that is a tremendous value for your money, call Federation Flags & Flagpoles on 08 8346 5655 or send us an email at service@flagpoles.com.au.

Flag poles at your Melbourne home are great for showing national pride, flying banners for your business, and proudly displaying your favourite rugby team flag. Whatever your reasons for investing in a quality flag and flag pole, Federation Flags & Flagpoles is the name to trust for flags, flagpoles, goalposts, and much more. We are an Australian-owned company that manufactures our own products in Adelaide and ships all over the country. By controlling the manufacturing process, we can ensure that we provide our customers with outstanding quality. We are also able to maintain short lead times for special orders which satisfy our discerning clientele.

Your reason for flying a flag will influence your choice of flag poles for your Melbourne home. You should also have an idea of where you would like to place the flag. Flying a flag on your property can give your home an air of elegance and prestige, so let that influence your decision regarding where you would like to place it. Where you live will also influence the type of flag pole that you select. If you live in a cyclone-prone area, for example, you will need a different product than if you live in a small town in the Victoria countryside. We have been in the business for more than 30 years, and we have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the best flag pole to meet your needs.

We ship flag poles to Melbourne and locations throughout Australia. They are reliable, durable, and priced just right. For more information about our products or to place an order, call us on 08 8346 5655 or send us an email at service@flagpoles.com.au.

Flag poles at your Canberra home allow you to show support for your nation as well as for your favourite football or rugby club. Federation Flags & Flagpoles has been manufacturing quality flagpoles, flags, goals and goalposts, banner poles, and more for three decades. Whatever your reason for flying a flag, we have a flagpole to meet your needs. We have a variety of sizes and the ability to design, customise, and produce flagpoles to suit your specifications.

Buying flag poles in Canberra is not as easy as you might think, and that’s why customers love to trust their purchasing decisions to the experience of our Federation Flags & Flagpoles team. You cannot simply pick any flag pole. If you have a flag that is six square metres, then you will need a pole that can handle it. Putting that flag on a 6mm pole, for example, is not going to work when gales of wind arise. Our experience and knowledge built on 32 years in the industry allow us to help customers to envision, purchase, and install the right flag pole to meet their needs, every time.

We manufacture a variety of different flag poles and offer kits that are made of lightweight reinforced aluminium. They are easy to transport, and they fit in most hatchback cars. The kits are very simple to set up and are built to last. Aluminium is the perfect choice for flag poles for Canberra. It is lightweight, easy to maintain, and will last a long time. To learn more about our products or to place an order call us on 08 8346 5655 or send us an email at service@flagpoles.com.au.

Too many homeowners across Australia do not fly the national flag because they fear that installing a flag pole will be too difficult. Federation Flags & Flagpoles manufactures flag poles for Brisbane customers that are lightweight and easy to handle. Installation is simple, and we even produce do-it-yourself kits that can help you set up and take down a flag efficiently. Homeowners need no longer fear putting up a flag pole. It’s time to fly our flag with pride!

Federation Flags & Flagpoles has been manufacturing flag poles for Brisbane homeowners as well as residents across Australia for more than 30 years. Our experience and knowledge of the industry have helped us to be innovative while maintaining our high level of quality and reliability. We are proud to provide products that discerning customers choose again and again. We manufacture flag poles right here in Australia and make them from lightweight aluminium. They are produced using state-of-the-art equipment. By having complete control over the manufacturing process we can guarantee quality.

The result is flag poles that customers can install themselves and confidently fly without worrying about deterioration or hassles. Homeowners who move will find that our flag poles can easily be taken down and transported to a new location. What our customers love is that our flag poles are well-priced and offer a tremendous value for the money when factoring in how long they last. We listen to our customers and create quality products that they will be proud to fly.

For more information about any of our products or to place an order, call us directly on 08 8346 5655 or send us an email at service@flagpoles.com.au.

If you are a proud Australian, don’t be afraid to show it. Now you can easily fly the flag proudly with high quality flag poles from Australia-based Federation Flags & Flagpoles. We are a family-owned business that has been making lightweight and reliable flags, flagpoles, and other essentials for more than 30 years. All of our flag poles are designed and made in Australia and meet or exceed national standards for flag poles.

Since we founded the business three decades ago, we have established ourselves as innovators in the industry. We utilise the most current state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture our flag poles in Australia. We have complete control over the manufacturing process which allows us to guarantee the quality of our product. It also helps us to provide the shortest possible lead times on your special orders.

Flying the Australian flag has long been an expression of our national identity and pride. As our nation’s foremost symbol, our flag should be flown with respect and dignity. While most individuals will not immediately notice the flag pole that a flag flies on, it is essential to invest in a flag pole that honours our country and flag. Our flag poles in Australia are lightweight and easy to install and move. Constructed from high quality aluminium, Federation Flags & Flagpoles proudly produces flags that are extremely durable and pay tribute to our nation’s colours.

To learn more about our products or place an order for your own custom flag pole, call us directly on 08 8346 5655 or send us an email at service@flagpoles.com.au.

There are a few things that you can do to add to your home’s kerbside appeal. While landscaping and painting are effective, one of the easiest and most frequently overlooked things that you can do to add elegance to your home is to invest in a flag pole and fly our national flag. You can find long-lasting flag poles from Adelaide manufacturer Federation Flags & Flagpoles. We have been in the business for 32 years, and we manufacture quality stock and bespoke products with distribution Australia-wide.

Adding flag poles to your Adelaide homestead adds a layer of elegance and distinction. It also allows you to display your national pride confidently. The Australian flag is a symbol of our nation’s values and history that can (and should) be flown all year round. Our flag poles are made right here in Australia from lightweight aluminium. Because they are lightweight, they are easy to work with and install. The aluminium construction also helps to extend the life of our flag poles, which hold up very well even in harsh temperatures.

Aluminium flag poles in Australia add an eye-catching elegance to your home. Our aluminium offerings last longer than those made from timber, steel, or fibreglass. Federation Flags & Flagpoles offers a variety of finishes which add to the overall appearance of your flag and flagpole. Customers can choose from mill, white powder coat, or clear anodised as well as other finishes that are available upon request. There are also several mounting choices to suit your home and design tastes. For more information, call us on 08 8346 5655 or send us an email at service@flagpoles.com.au.

There are plenty of great reasons to fly the flag of your choosing. Perhaps one of the most practical is to add some flair to your property. If you count yourself in that camp, you can count yourself in good company, and there's a great option for getting right to the heart of your needs. Wall mounted flag poles are a solid choice for sprucing up your storefront, enhancing your image, or making a strong display of your patriotic spirit.

As the name suggests, they can attach to a wall, and transform a building with loads of personality. Imagine, pulling up to your property and seeing your flag dangling from the side. It's enough to make any home or business owner swell with pride. Best of all, they're superbly affordable, meaning you can get one if you're on a budget, or multiples if you have the money and want to display multiple flags.

Naturally, we believe that choosing Federation Flags & Flagpoles would be your best bet for getting what you need. We don't beat around the bush when our customers place orders. We know that customer service is paramount in this business, and strive to fulfil our customer's requests in the timeliest manner. We let quality be our guide. Our wall mounted flag poles are made from sturdy materials and built to last. If you've been looking for the right option to add the final touch to your building, give us a call on 61 8 8346 5655 to find out more about our wall mounted flag poles.

It's great to let the flag swing high in the air when you have it hoisted outdoors, but sometimes you want to show your patriotic spirit inside as well. That's where indoor flag poles come into play. Federation Flags & Flagpoles has a great many for sale and want to ensure that you know all about this outstanding way to fly the flag.

What's the big deal with these things? First off, they're made of cast iron, which provides a heavy base that isn't likely to topple over. Other indoor stands are made of lesser quality plastic, just a quick gust from someone walking by too fast, and they might come tumbling down. As a bonus, the cast iron finish is powder coated, providing an aesthetically pleasing look that can be customised based on your preferred colour.

The floor stand is capable of accepting a single, double, or triple flag display. You can add three different flags, your favourite flag flanked by two other flags, or three flags of the same type if you so choose. They all look great against the contrasting satin-black poles. Standard flag sizes work best, and these stands serve as an excellent option for office buildings, foyers, and hallways.

By choosing Federation Flags & Flagpoles for your indoor flag poles, you'll get the benefits of quality, experience, and unparalleled customer support. Why not give us a call today on 61 8 8346 5655 to learn more about the amazing benefits indoor flag poles and floor stands offer!

It might not be something you think about too often, but it's definitely something of extraordinary value. We're speaking, of course, of home flag poles. You may not realise it, but they aren't a one size for all product. There are many varieties of flagpoles, each designed slightly differently and with a slightly different use.

Take one category, 6 metre flagpoles, for example. They're all 6 metres tall, hence they're all the same, right? Not so. Federation Flags & Flagpoles has three different takes on the tried-and-true classic. We have the “Patriot” a tapered flagpole that comes to more of a point at the top. The “Garden Master” a more common option that is suited towards general use, and the “Heavy Duty Garden Master” for when superior ruggedness is a priority.

It's plain to see that home flag poles offer a wide range of choice, but where to go when you need them most? None other than your one-stop shop for all kinds of home flag poles, Federation Flags & Flagpoles. We've been around for more than 30 years, since 1982, and in that time have become a well-known name in the flag supply game.

Though located in Adelaide, we ship our products throughout Australia and trust in a simple philosophy that guides our business practices: provide reliable well-priced merchandise with top-notch customer service to keep our clients coming back. No matter what style flag or flagpole you need, we have the resources to help. Give us a call on 61 8 8346 5655 today to learn more about our wide selection of products.

We’re very proud of our home country that we call Australia for many reasons. We’re a high-income economy that has repeatedly scored extremely high on quality of life surveys carried out by a range of different organisations. We’ve built amazing metropoles, located in close proximity to beautiful beaches, with impressive skylines punctuated by ultra-modern skyscrapers. And, we enjoy glorious weather that is envied by many countries around the globe.

In addition, we also have wonderful properties that provide us with both joy and comfort, and if you want your fellow Australians to see how proud you are of your home and your country, you might consider buying and installing flag poles in Sydney.

We supply flag poles in Sydney that are incredibly easy to erect. We manufacture them using aluminium, as there’s no better material to provide resistance to the sun and rain, and we make sure they’re simple to install so that you can wave your flag proudly as soon as you receive your product. We understand the fact that you’ll want to make good use of your product as soon as it is received.

At Federation Flags & Flagpoles, we’ve been in the business of supplying flag poles in Sydney for over 30 years, and during that time, we’ve used innovation and passion to perfect the quality of our products. One of our off-the-shelf products might be just what you need, but we are more than happy to create custom products for those with specific requirements.

Australia has come a long way over the years and is now a country where tourists flock to in their masses, not to mention the number of people that would love to come and make a life here. Working in one of our modern and beautiful cities can be a dream come true for many, and there’s no better way to celebrate how proud you are of your country that by waving our national flag proudly in your office.

Flags not only convey a sense of national pride; they also work very well as an office interior decoration. You don’t need to wave a flag that’s so large it’s overbearing, but a nice and noticeable flag hanging majestically from your wall could boost your office’s overall aesthetics while showing clients that one thing you both have in common is a fondness for this great country

However, a flag can only make a true impact if the flag pole looks as stylish and proud as the Australian flag itself. Our flag poles for sale are built with care and passion, and they promise to bring out the greatness in whatever flag you choose to fly.

If you’re looking for flag poles for sale that will only stand to bolster your office’s appeal, you needn’t look further than us. At Federations Flags & Flagpoles, we’ve been creating flag poles for sale for over 30 years, and no matter how specific your needs are, we can manufacture the perfect product for you.

So you want to fly the flag proudly? We commend your decision and welcome you to peruse our selection of both flags and flagpoles for the home. While you're peeking around, there are a few things you should keep in mind about what has made Federation Flags & Flagpoles such a long-lived and trusted supplier.

We know how to get with the times. As a business, you don't hang around for over 30 years by chance. We've been able to consistently adapt to the times and the needs of our customers by providing innovative merchandise.

Take our flat pack flagpoles for example. It has the features you'd expect from a sturdy and durable flagpole but comes in a box so it ships easy and arrives in one piece. This packaging allows us to provide the convenience that many of our clients demand, and send our goods to remote locations as well.

We believe in quality. All of our products are designed to meet or exceed Australian standards. Using a combination of years of industry experience and state of the art machinery, we craft our flagpoles so as to maintain and guarantee a superior level of quality, while simultaneously keeping production costs low and stick to a precise schedule. We can even work on special orders.

Isn't it obvious why we're such a popular choice when it comes to flag poles for the home? We're proud to represent the flag, and hope you'll be proud in flying it on one of our flag poles. Give us a call today on 61 8 8346 5655 to learn more!

Here in Australia, we are proud of a great many things. For starters, we take pride in our country itself, a country that has grown impressively over the last decade to boast an amazing quality of life, modern sprawling cities and a major player on the world stage. You might be a person who’s just as proud as your state as you are the country itself, and most of us at least have a soft spot for our favourite local sports team not to mention the die-hard fans.

Sometimes, it's good to show the world which things matter the most to you, and in a country like Australia, you’ll no doubt have those things in common with your neighbours. There’s no better way to showcase your pride than by buying and installing flag pole kits that promise to look great in any garden.

At Federation Flags & Flagpoles, we supple flag pole kits that not only look great but are also manufactured with high-quality aluminium to ensure they stand the test of time. That means you can feel safe in the knowledge your flag will wave proudly for years to come, and passers-by will gaze in awe as your property conveys the feeling of a castle rather than a home.

If you’re looking for easy-to-install and hard-wearing flag pole kits in Australia, we are the company to contact. We can even make custom-made flags for those who have very specific requirements.

Like everything in life, there are options and varieties when it comes to getting the flag pole you need. If you're looking to buy flag poles, make sure you know what kind you're in the market for. It could be that you need something that's going to make a big statement. Perhaps a 6 metre or even 12 metre flag pole will be the option you need to proudly display your flag, high in the air for all to see. Maybe you need something as more of an accent? Wall mounted flag poles have the ability to hang from your building and subtly enhance its look. If you want to display flags indoors, why not try indoor bases that have the ability to hold multiple flags? There's a flag option for every situation; you just have to narrow down what yours is!

To ensure that you get the best quality when you buy flag poles, you should definitely make your purchase from Federation Flags & Flagpoles. What benefits do you gain when you buy from us? To start with, the comfort of dealing with a professionally run, family owned business with 32 years of experience. That means we've been manufacturing products, improving upon designs, and perfecting how to get the customer exactly what they want long enough to know what we're doing in just about every potential circumstance. No need to deal with suppliers who don't understand the complexities of the industries, you can contact us and get everything you require in a timely and hassle-free fashion. Give us a call today on 61 8 8346 5655 to find out more!

You might be of the opinion that the material a flag pole is made of doesn't much matter. This isn't quite the case, and you'll find that the construction material used to create a flag pole has a substantial effect on its properties. Federation Flags & Flagpoles is here to fill you in on why aluminium flag poles make such a great choice.

Surely there are other materials flag poles could be constructed from, right? While that's true, and you could get a flag pole made from fibreglass, steel, or timber, aluminium flag poles should generally be your first choice. Why? Steel is strong, but heavier than aluminium, making it more of a hassle to erect. Timber is too susceptible to the whims of the elements, and fibreglass is sometimes costly. Aluminium, on the other hand, has the balance of longevity, light weight, and affordability. It's the ideal flag pole material for the Australian environment.

If it's aluminium flag poles you need, then make Federation Flags & Flagpoles your supplier. We're an industry veteran with a long history of stocking quality merchandise at affordable prices. Our products are Australian designed, and Australian made, using Australian tools and materials. What better way to fly the flag than with a flagpole that was made right in the country? Best of all they're easy to install and maintain. If you're in the market for flag supplies, give us a call today on 61 8 8346 5655 to find out more about everything we have to offer.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our property’s outdoor area looks great. It’s the place that provides us with the most accessible and private place to soak up the sun, which is why we like to invest heavily into making it our own version of paradise. We trim the lawn regularly, install stylish decking and patios, and we take great care with our choice of flowers to make sure our gardens showcase life through colour.

However, no matter how wonderful a garden looks, many proud Australians still feel a little something is missing – something that would allow them to feel truly relaxed in their garden while showcasing pride in the great nation of Australia. If this sounds like you, you might find that a flag pole kit is what you’re missing.

Your love of your country is a love that is shared by many, and you don’t even necessarily have to use your flag pole kit to wave the Australian flag. It could be your favourite sports team or the flag of your particular state. You might have a unique flag design you’d like to proudly showcase in your yard.

At Federation Flags & Flagpoles, we have a flag pole kit that’s perfect for you. They’re manufactured with aluminium to provide tough resistance to the sun and rain, and they created with over 30 years of passion. Get in touch with us now to see which of our products is most suitable for your specific needs.

There's no denying the appeal the game of soccer has the world over; from America to Australia, millions of individuals play the game every year. The low equipment requirements contribute significantly to that; when all you need is a ball and a way to mark off the goals, it's easy to play anywhere. Sanctioned competition requires more standardised soccer goal posts, though. When you're searching for goals that can stand up to heavy abuse and the Australian elements too, Federation Flags & Flagpoles has exactly the kind of product for which you are looking.

We ship our soccer goal posts in a convenient and cost-saving flat pack arrangement, and the soccer goal posts quickly assemble without the use of complicated tools. Simple hand tools are all you require to erect these posts and get them ready for the game. The posts are made from aluminium, and covered in a glossy white finish for that classic look, the sun and rain won't bother this sturdy set. Our kit includes everything you need for putting up the posts, including ground sleeves and easy to use built in net clips. An optional wheel kit adds even more value, providing you with an easy way to move and reset goals. With playing edges rounded to add unpredictability to the trajectory of the ball, wild ricochets, and unexpected goals make the game that much more exciting.

As a Supplier of quality products for over thirty years, Federation Flags & Flagpoles' soccer goal posts are the perfect solution for competitive play as well as youth leagues. Navigate now to our "Ordering" page to send us a product enquiry!

The game of rugby is undoubtedly one of the most physical, intense, and punishing sports on the planet. Watching the pile of bodies that results from a scrum and the thrill of seeing your team come up with the ball never fails to get the adrenaline pumping for many people. The game goes on rain or shine, too; weather rarely stops a rugby match from going forward! With that in mind, your rugby goal posts should never quit on the teams, either. Choose the posts which will stand up to exposure to the elements and the conditions of the game. Federation Flags & Flagpoles proudly offers heavy duty durable rugby goal posts while maintaining unrivalled ease of use.

What do we mean when we say "ease of use"? Installation and removal of our rugby goal posts is a breeze. In-ground concrete footings provide the base for the posts, and they will slide in true and plumb every season. You'll only need two strong men to put the main posts up, and the crossbar requires just one person to lift it into place. Once installed, there's no need to worry about them for the remainder of the season. Removal is just as simple; after which you can store them until next season. Sun, wind, rain — even hail won't negatively impact your posts.

Federation Flags & Flagpoles proudly provides these robust products to the Australian rugby community. We're always happy to answer any questions you may have about our products! Send us an email enquiry via our contact page, or simply phone on 61 8 8346 5655 anytime.

Preparing grounds for a game of football ideally shouldn't be too difficult. From making sure that the grass is cut to a suitable length to marking the field in the appropriate way, all of the preparations are relatively basic. However, have you ever struggled with unruly and ill-fitting football goal posts? Dealing with posts which are almost impossible to erect in a plumb fashion is frustrating for groundsmen and football players alike. Why spend time working with wedges and shims to make them sit right when you could instead opt for new and durable football goal posts from Federation Flags & Flagpoles?

Over our years of experience, we've learned what it takes to deliver a quality product, and that's why we make our football goal posts from a durable aluminium construction which is lightweight enough only to require two people for placement. Inside, steel reinforcements prevent impact damage when players hit the posts hard. Pre-poured concrete ground sleeves, plus the highly accurate production process, ensures goal posts which are straight and plumb every time you place them. Crossbars are available to make the posts suitable for football use, and you won't even need to call for help to put it up — one person can do it alone!

With no need to worry about rotting wood or rusting metal, Federation Flags & Flagpoles' goal posts are the clear choice for your local league. Get the field ready in no time flat with our products on your side. Contact us now to learn about how to place an order for shipment.

The excitement and camaraderie that characterise a match of Australian rules football are just two of the things that make the sport such an excellent pastime. A lot of preparation goes into getting ready for each game, though, and it's not just about the players putting in long hours of practice. The field needs to be prepared for the players, too. Leaving everything set up year round isn't practical; instead, pulling down the goal posts at the end of the season for storage is a common practice. If you are looking for new AFL goal posts to spruce things up for next season, look no further than Federation Flags & Flagpoles.

Our AFL goal posts, designed to fit snugly into existing concrete ground sleeves, are the ultimate in convenience for those who want reliable and easy to use posts. First, this product is made from high quality aluminium to strict tolerances for straightness. The tapered posts are corrosion resistant and will maintain their distinctive looks season after season.

You won't need a whole crew of groundskeepers to put these AFL goal posts up, either. Two individuals working together can put up the posts without much hassle at all. Crossbar arms require no heavy lifting equipment and can be placed by hand by just one person. At the end of the season, removing them for storage is just as easy.

We aim to deliver superior and reliable products to our customers every time. That's why Federation Flags & Flagpoles has been a trusted name since 1982. For more information about ordering this product, please visit our "Ordering" page now.

A halyard is the rope that raises and lowers the flag. Internal halyards are quite simply halyards that have the working part running inside the pole. External halyards run outside the pole.

Internal halyards generally have concealed access, often lockable, that makes flag theft more difficult by vandals. There is no such thing as a vandal proof flagpole, but internal halyards offer cost effective vandal resistance to varying degrees. The different methods of concealing access to the halyard determine the effectiveness of vandal resistance and how often your flagpole is used. The most effective is the flush fitting hatch cover, followed by the winch, the sliding collar, protruding cast aluminium cover and finally, the hinged door with key lock. Without doubt though, the winch is the easiest to use and because it is easy, it will be used.

Design Hints:

Flags have been popular as an outdoor, visual communications medium for millennia. Eye-catching colour and movement are the factors that have made flags one of the most effective mediums for outdoor promotions.

Rototop, Portrait Style Flag

Regrettably the same features limit the effectiveness of a flag’s design.  Simple, bold messages and logos are best.  Instantly recognisable brands and logos such as

Coca-Cola and Mercedes work best, as does simple bold text like OPEN and SALE, because they can be instantly recognised, even when flapping in the breeze.  If your flag design is too complex it will be expensive to produce and be unfit for use because it will be unrecognisable.  Remember too, that flags are usually single sided because double sided flags are too heavy to fly. Any image is reversed on the back, so text is written as a mirror image, other wise it can’t be read with the sun behind it.

Portrait, or vertical format flags work better than horizontal or landscape format flags because the movement of the flag is less violent; they also last slightly longer for the same reason.

The secret to a successful flag design is to keep it simple.

Federation Flagpoles tube tapering machinery is computer controlled. This means that almost any profile can be programmed and executed in thin walled aluminium and steel tubing.

Our definition of a banner is a fabric structure that is restrained between fixed arms and not free to fly with the wind. A flag on the other hand is a fabric structure that is not restrained other than on its leading edge and is free to fly with the wind.

Banners can set like a sail and generate enormous wind loads. The structures that support banners have to be suitably engineered for high wind loads and are expensive to produce in comparison to a relatively lightly loaded flagpole.

Federation Flagpoles has introduced flagpole design technology to the lamp postmarket. The result represents some substantial gains over traditional fabricated steel poles in terms of project management productivity gains, and superior surface finishing and architectural design, especially for short run projects.

We explain the different types of decorative lamp posts that are available.

Bollards information

Article explaining how to build your own flagpole. We explain the best methods to get your flagpole up as efficiently as possible.

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Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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