Find Easy-to-Install Flagpoles for Your Brisbane Home

Too many homeowners across Australia do not fly the national flag because they fear that installing a flag pole will be too difficult. Federation Flags & Flagpoles manufactures flag poles for Brisbane customers that are lightweight and easy to handle. Installation is simple, and we even produce do-it-yourself kits that can help you set up and take down a flag efficiently. Homeowners need no longer fear putting up a flag pole. It’s time to fly our flag with pride!

Federation Flags & Flagpoles has been manufacturing flag poles for Brisbane homeowners as well as residents across Australia for more than 30 years. Our experience and knowledge of the industry have helped us to be innovative while maintaining our high level of quality and reliability. We are proud to provide products that discerning customers choose again and again. We manufacture flag poles right here in Australia and make them from lightweight aluminium. They are produced using state-of-the-art equipment. By having complete control over the manufacturing process we can guarantee quality.

The result is flag poles that customers can install themselves and confidently fly without worrying about deterioration or hassles. Homeowners who move will find that our flag poles can easily be taken down and transported to a new location. What our customers love is that our flag poles are well-priced and offer a tremendous value for the money when factoring in how long they last. We listen to our customers and create quality products that they will be proud to fly.

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Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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