Decorative Post Lamps

Federation Flagpoles has introduced flagpole design technology to the lamp postmarket. The result represents some substantial gains over traditional fabricated steel poles in terms of project management productivity gains, and superior surface finishing and architectural design, especially for short run projects.

The spin tapering technologyenables architects to design site-specific decorative postswithout being inhibited by expensive tooling costs for short run projects. The use of galvanised steel spigots enables contractors to install the posts in stages, with the cabling and earthworks being completed early in the project and enabling delay of fitting the decorative aluminium post until the project is near completion.

The use of composite construction means that the pole’s manufactured price is often cheaper, as the strength added to the highly stressed lower portion of the pole by the steel spigot allows the use of less expensive thinner walled aluminium sections to take the lighter loads in the upper portion. A side benefit of this style of construction is that the posts centre of gravity and overall weight is less than that of conventional fabricated steel poles. This means savings in handling and installing posts.

Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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