Looking for Durable Soccer Goal Posts Designed for Long Term Use? Choose Federation Flags & Flagpole

There's no denying the appeal the game of soccer has the world over; from America to Australia, millions of individuals play the game every year. The low equipment requirements contribute significantly to that; when all you need is a ball and a way to mark off the goals, it's easy to play anywhere. Sanctioned competition requires more standardised soccer goal posts, though. When you're searching for goals that can stand up to heavy abuse and the Australian elements too, Federation Flags & Flagpoles has exactly the kind of product for which you are looking.

We ship our soccer goal posts in a convenient and cost-saving flat pack arrangement, and the soccer goal posts quickly assemble without the use of complicated tools. Simple hand tools are all you require to erect these posts and get them ready for the game. The posts are made from aluminium, and covered in a glossy white finish for that classic look, the sun and rain won't bother this sturdy set. Our kit includes everything you need for putting up the posts, including ground sleeves and easy to use built in net clips. An optional wheel kit adds even more value, providing you with an easy way to move and reset goals. With playing edges rounded to add unpredictability to the trajectory of the ball, wild ricochets, and unexpected goals make the game that much more exciting.

As a Supplier of quality products for over thirty years, Federation Flags & Flagpoles' soccer goal posts are the perfect solution for competitive play as well as youth leagues. Navigate now to our "Ordering" page to send us a product enquiry!

Flagpoles shipped Australia wide



Flagpoles shipped Australia wide

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